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05.24.07 :: Announcement for SHAW Users
02.01.06 :: Neo Site introduces Website Builder SiteStudio
01.10.06 :: Neo Site migrates customers to new servers
09.15.05 :: Neo Site acquired Corasen Web Hosting business
09.12.05 :: New Web Site, New Support System, New Plans
08.01.05 :: $50 Referral Bonus

Create A Professional-Looking Website Within Minutes!

SiteStudio is a website design tool and available directly through the web hosting account control panel. The program walks you through creating your site from pre-designed templates. Fill in your information and the website is built for you - complete with rollover buttons, flash intro screens, predesigned guestbooks, counters and more!

With SiteStudio, you do not need to know anything about FTP, HTML, Telnet, HTTP, or imaging software. If you can surf the Internet, then you can build your own professional looking web site. You will appreciate the ease and speed with which you can build your web site, and the ease with which you can change just about any aspect of it. With different layouts and color schemes, dozens of designs are available in SiteStudio.

With SiteStudio your web site will automatically be created with all the required images, including logos, buttons, and sidebars. The images can all be generated in the colors the you want, with the desired text. Even professional quality rollover buttons are as simple as selecting a specific layout.

Preview the Available Templates!


  • Over 70 Pre-Designed Templates
  • Numerous Color Scheme Options Within Each Template
  • Step-by-Step Guided Process
  • Facilitates Adding, Removing, and Rearranging Pages
  • No HTML or FTP Experience Necessary
  • Ability to Edit HTML Directly and Upload Custom Graphics
  • Option to Create Flash Introduction Page
  • Content and Design Separation - completely change the look and feel of the website without re-typing information
  • Saves the Information Over Time - just log out and come back and continue building site where you left off
  • Publish Website to the Internet with Just One Click

To try SiteStudio, click below. SiteStudio will open in a new window.

Try SiteStudio Now!

This online demo allows you to try out the SiteStudio site builder by creating your own website. After your site has been created, you can see it in the published view by clicking the Publish button on the SiteStudio toolbar. In this demo, you will not be able to publish your site to any other location.

This demo version does not include the Counter, Guestbook, and Poll plugins. You also cannot save the results of your work or make changes to your work after logout.

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