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What's involved in building a web site?

This depends on the type and style of the web site

  1. Static Web Site (brochure business card site)
    You can choose any of our hosting plans and use the included "Site Studio" to build your own site, we will provide you with support and guidance you need throughout the entire process of choosing a name for your web site, to choosing the most suitable template for your business.
    The "Site Studio" tool is easy to use and does not require any software to be installed on your PC.
    You can create pages such as "Welcome Page", "Services Page", "About Us" page, and even a "Contact Us" form.

    Here are some of the sites that were build with Site Studio:
    Advantage Motors and Cosmos Seminar

  2. Blog-based site
    If you want to use your web site to commuincate often with your customers, but yet you don't want a very complicated site, you can choose our "Neo Blog" plan, where you can setup a site based on the popular WordPress blog system. You can choose from hundreds of free and commerical ready-made designs and launch your web site in no time.
    We can help you choose the right template and guide you through the process of building your site, also we can customize the template for you and create the main pages and the menu structure for you for an additional fee. This fee depeneds on your needs but it averages $500 for a standard setup.

    Here are some of the sites that we built for our customers using this method:

  3. Advanced Dynamic Site
    A more advanced option to build your site is to use a Content Management System, such as the well-known Mambo CMS, to create a very well oraganized and easy to maintain web site with eye catching design and template system.
    You can choose our "Neo CMS" plan to have a CMS site, and pick any of the free or commerical templates to use for your site. We will assist you with the installation and will provide you a business-level application support along the way.
    We also provide a full customization, including original art work, for your site, give us a call and we can arrange for a demo on what you can do with such a system and show you what we can do for you.

    Here are few sites that we built for our customers using Mambo CMS system:
    Skynova and Vision Info Center

  4. Online Store
    As a catalog only or a fully functional shopping cart.
    If you have a retail store or want to sell your products online, or even display your catalong online then the "Neo Store" and "Neo Catalog" plans will suite your need and will grow with your business.
    Both Neo Store and Neo Catalog are based on the reliable, customizable and scalable "ZenCart" shopping cart system. If you need to just show your products online then you can use our "Neo Catalog" plan and choose from many free and commerical templates to get you going quickly.
    We can customize that for you with original design and provide you with training and support along the way.
    If you are planning to "sell" and "ship" products, we can assist you in configuring and setting up your Online Merchant Account, which allows you to process credit card online, and configure taxes and shipping modules for you so that both taxes and shipping are calculated automatically.

    Here are some of the online stores and catalogs that we setup
    Seaborn Online Store
    Sushi Robots Catalog

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