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What's Neo Busines CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a server-based software application, utilizing a backend database.

CMS makes it easy to create, update, and delete contents.

The of any CMS are:

Content, Structure, Design

The CMS divides the web site system to three basic components; Content, Structure and Design.


You and add, edit, delete any of your information on the web pages without the need for a web designer, just login to the CMS administration system and start editing your contents, once you finished, save it and your web site will be updated immediately.


You can move pages around in your web site, you can change the menu structure, move submenus around, all this can be done without re-editing the pages, or changing the design of the site.

Design (Template/Theme)

You can change the "look and feel" of your web site without changing the contents and the architecture. You don't have to copy and paste your content from one site to another, simply choose another "Theme/Template" and you set it as the default design.

Easy content creation

If you can use a computer, you can manage the content for your website. Using any web browser you can simply create text, insert images, link to menu to build and maintain a dynamic website.

Just imagine: Each time you add or change a page, the menu will automatically update to reflect the change.

Other advantages of using CMS

  • Edit anywhere, anytime using a common web browser.
  • No HTML skills required, only a verage knowledge of word processing will allow you to create content easily.
  • Consistent Design: Since the content is separate from the design, the content of all the pages is presented with the same, consistent design.
  • Menus are created easily based on the database content, no more broken links
  • Daily updates: You are in full control of your web site, you can update it daily with out involving web designers or programmers for every little modification.
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